Diamond in the making! Amazing pedigree, beyond talented stunning youngster!!

BLUP 120

I looked at her when she started her first work last fall super chubby after a long summer with lots of grass. Since then she has been worked with 6 weeks in total has lost some pounds and stuns with even more amazing movements. She for sure is going to be something very very special. Ásdís is not even 4 yrs old and is already 145cm tall with really high withers, superb neckline, very airy long legs and overall great to look at. She moves under herself in high very elastic trot and extremely upward high canter carrying herself extremely well. She has been ridden maybe 10 times in total last fall is strong minded as a horse of this kaliber should be but cooperative to work with and not afraid of things. She has eager willing temperament and is asking to do more whenever handled. She is offering so much it is the patience of the wise trainer to not take everything such a talented young horse is offering but to carefully decide how much to ask of her at that age. She looks on great bloodlines with high judged parents and highly awarded further back generations. I see the mare in high first prize in the years to come with a big sports career ahead of herself. One piece of Icelands top quality youngsters in pitch black beauty edition! Ups jetzt hab ich den ganzen Text in englisch geschrieben. Sorry automatisch passiert lassen wir jetzt mal so :)) Unter 12.000€

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    Diamond in the making! Amazing pedigree, beyond talented stunning youngster!!

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